Bespoke Clinical Skills Training

Following a care plan, training skills required will be identified for each individual client. Identified carers will be assessed of prior knowledge and experience around the identified skills. Bespoke training will be arranged to provide the carer with the theoretical knowledge, followed by practical sessions and supervised hands on work with the trainer before competencies are completed. Evidence of completed work,  competencies and a certificate of attendance will be issued. Follow up visits will be offered (a minimum of 2 in a year) to assess progress of carers’ skills.

Bespoke Care Package Support

This is a flexible service whereby a new or established care package can receive support with both administrative (paperwork) and training required to support the client’s care. This is in the form of assessment of needs, risk assessments, devising of new or reviewing current care plans, providing bespoke training, competencies sign off, supervisions and service reviews allowing us to provide tailored support. Paperwork used can be that of the client, or in cases where no paperwork exists, Elideon Training Solutions is happy to provide templates. Please note these will be shared across all clients, however information will be unique to each client. Elideon Training Solutions is open to having discussions around Governance.

As a bespoke service, all requests will be viewed on an individual basis and pricing will be provided once an initial assessment has been carried out. A summary of identified training needs will be shared post initial assessment. Cost of all services will include travel time and if training is required over the weekend, an enhanced rate will be charged. For some training there will be a charge for the hire of venues and manikins if the training cannot be delivered in the home. Once training is completed, evidence of training, competencies and certificates will be issued as per agreement.

We train staff working with adults, children and young people with, but not limited to:
  1. Muscular Dystrophy Conditions
  2. SMA Types I + II
  3. Children and Young people with prematurity and its associated complications
  4. Complex Epilepsy
  5. Life Limiting Chronic and Congenital Disorders